Thursday, April 11, 2013

Catching up: Week 10 - Pinch Me!

Ta-Da!!  Three whole pounds down
this week!!  13 pounds down!
I had a busy week.  Over the weekend, Neddy and I stacked over 600 bricks and created two big raised beds in our yard.  I planted veggies.  My friend and I walked on our lunch break a few times.  So I go to my Wednesday lunchtime meeting, get on the scale and what NEVER happens, Happened!!  I LOST THREE (3!) POUNDS this week.  Notice the caps!  Yep!  I'M SHOUTING!

This brings my 10 week total weight lost to 13 pounds!  That was yesterday.  This morning I hopped on the scale, kind of as a "pinch me...I must be dreaming" kind of thing, and it was still there!

So it makes me wonder what's different?  Why the sudden weight loss.  Yes, we stacked bricks and worked out in the yard, but my active link monitor didn't even register that as activity. I've been trying to evaluate the difference and the one thing I can think of is that now that lent is over, I started back on dairy and therefore, higher protein foods, like greek yogurt, cottage cheese and eggs.  I'm still keeping within my points and tracking.  But i'm wondering if that's what's responsible for my numbers this week.

But whatever it is, I'm good with it!!!

Here's a picture of the work we did this weekend.  It starts in the lower right bottom  with our terrible soil garden space...and progresses up to the raised bed, the new soil, Neddy filling the boxes and then finally, up top, the finished and planted garden.

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Ani Kohar said...

YAY! You did it! And your garden is a thing of envy... I hope it brings you lots of yummy veggies!