Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Catching up - a Few Month's Worth

Can you see me up there...on my plateau?
Hi Peeps.  Believe me when I tell you that I have been "meaning" to get on here and write, it's just that there's been nothing to write home about.  I just noticed that my last post was from June.  JUNE!!  And here we are at almost September!

"What happened?," you ask.  "The last we heard, you were up and down.  Are you still going to your Weight Watchers meetings?"

And the answer is......::::drumroll::::  YES!  I have faithfully been going to meetings.  But the reason I haven't written or posted, is that I am still just plateauing.  Seriously!!!  And it's very discouraging.  Up one, down one.  Up .4, down .6, up .2.  This is what it's been like.  A couple weeks ago, I had a mini little emotional breakdown at our meeting, and our leader asked me to stay after so we could talk and see what's going on.
Am I tracking everything I eat?  Yes.
Am I drinking enough water?  Yes.
Am I staying within my points?  Yes.
Do I eat my bonus points?  Maybe a couple here or there.
How many bonus points are left at the end of the week?  Around 30 to 35 (out of 49)
Am I getting 7-8 hours of sleep a night.  No.  Haven't done that in years.  In fact, with my life, it's just not possible.

She didn't really say that was the problem, but they did devote a whole meeting to getting enough sleep recently and how that really is conducive to weight loss...and lack of sleep to overweight.  ::sigh::

So anyways she looked at my weight record and guess what she found.  I have been plateauing for FOUR MONTHS.  Ridiculous, right?  I mean, I thought so.  In the meantime, my friend has now lost 35 pounds to my 15.  :::womp womp::::

So what am I doing about it?  Well, this all happened a few days before we left on our vacation to Oregon. So my leader told me to just go and have fun.  Get away.  While on vacation, try to relax and get more sleep.  Don't track, but just ask myself..."Is this food worth it?"  And that's what I did.  

I did make some good choices, and I also had ice cream...even though it wasn't a good choice (but it was good!)  I always asked, "is it worth it.." and if the answer was "Yes" then I had it.  And amazingly, there were times when I said no too.  Well, I got back from the vacation and my first self-discussion:  I'm not going to the WW meeting this week.  I'll wait til next week when I'm back on track and then go back."  I hate when I do that.   But remember when I started WW back in February, I told myself I was in it for the long haul.  So I went.  I had a weight gain of 1.6 pounds after vacation.  And today, one week later...after tracking everything I put in my mouth...I lost exactly 1.6 pounds.  Hello again plateau.

Oh and all this is while I'm walking and training for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, which is only 9 days away.  I am walking about 25-30 miles a week.  

Anyways I don't quite know what to do.  Some people have told me to eat more in order to reset my metabolism  (uh, i don't think so).  Other's tell me to life weight training.  How much weight would I have to lift in order to reap the benefit?  I don't know, do you?  Let me know, please

So this is where I am.  Today at the meeting, the leader passed out a 3x5" card to each of us.  We were to write on there a bit of advice of our weight loss journey to a new member.   I heard from a lifetimer "WW is so easy...and it works." I have to agree with it...the program is easy.  Working, on the other hand...ummm.... I think it works for most.  Surely it worked for me on my first 15 pounds.  So what did I write?  I, on the other hand wrote the following.  "Do not measure your success by someone else's journey.  Everyone is different.  Your journey is different than your neighbors.  And don't listen to other's stats.   It's not a quick fix.  It's a lifestyle change.  Be prepared for the long haul."    So that's it.  That's where I am.  

All I can do is the best I can do.  So I will keep going to the meetings.  I'll keep drinking my water, tracking...and making good choices.  In the long run these are the changes that are going to keep me healthy.  The weight loss is just the icing on the cake!  ::::hmmmm, did someone mention cake?:::::

How are you doing on your journey?  I would love to hear from you.  Or if you have suggestions on how to break the plateau, please drop me a line.


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