Saturday, February 9, 2013

Checking In

Ta-Da!!  Week 1 Loss: 2.8 pounds!
Finally!!!  A time to just sit down and check in!  I've got my pot of jasmine tea, my Pandora radio is on my Joni Mitchell station, I've got my favorite fluffy blankie keeping me warm and am ready to let you know how it's going.    It's been a hugely busy week.  My days start at 5:00 a.m., and I need to be out the door by 6:15 to walk to the bus stop to catch my bus to downtown.  After a day at the office, it's back at home to fix dinner, spend time with Neddy and my mom, dishes, and then I'm getting ready for the Armenian Artists show in Orange County on March 2.  So you can see that the "balance" thing is just not happening in the sleep department.

But good changes happened this week.  Last week I made the commitment to join WeightWatchers.  There's a meeting at lunchtime and a couple of my friends and I decided to join and support one another.  So I followed the plan,  and I tracked everything that I ate, and for this, I was rewarded with a 2.8 pound weight loss for the week! Woot!

This coming week, my focus is going to be on exercise, which I don't seem to have time for (other than walking to the bus stop and back).  I know this is something, but I don't feel  it's enough.  Time becomes a factor since I have to wake up so early, and my evenings seem so full as well....but maybe baby steps.  A few crunches here, a few arm curls there.... We'll see what this week brings.

Challenges for the Coming Week:
1.  Staying on track with the program, i.e. being HONEST with myself and taking responsibility

2.  Preparing for Lent.  Lent begins this coming Monday, February 11.  The dietary restrictions of our Armenian Orthodox faith warrant a full vegan diet.  Although I am a vegetarian, I do rely on cheese and nonfat greek yogurt for protein.  Coming up with alternative vegan sources of protein is not difficult; but finding the low calorie/low fat versions...a little tricky.    In order to stay on my diet it's going to take some preparation.  I will cut up my fruits and veggies and pre-bag them for quick grab and go lunches.  And I will experiment with a new point-friendly hummus recipe.  : )

3.  Also preparing for the spiritual journey of lent: I am focusing on not gossiping...and not being on the receiving/listening end of gossip as well.  I wrote a piece on Looking Inward for Lent for my blog -  I was thinking about this today, and I'm also going to try to cut out the negative in my life.  Simply not allow negativity, negative thoughts about others (OR MYSELF!) .  This is really going to be a challenge as I am my worst enemy.  I think it's going to be a really rewarding lenten journey.  Join me??   If you're interested in a day-by-day lenten journey, please check out's Lenten Journey with Fr. Vazken podcast.  Click here!

4. Try to complete at least 1-2 jewelry pieces per day for the upcoming show.

How did your week go?  And what are some of your challenges for the upcoming week?  Check in and let me know how you're doing.   Have a great week!

  ....don't forget to pack your lunch!!!

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